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Our history

LABORATOIRE FRANCE BéBé NUTRITION is a French company with international reach, created in 1993.
Bolstered by its experience in international markets, our main activities are targeted to the development and the commercialization of new born and baby formula and cereals, as well as innovative mother drinks.

Our expertise

Thanks to the close collaboration between expert teams specialized in child nutrition and health professionals, LABORATOIRE FRANCE BéBé NUTRITION develops its own product lines. The know-how of its Research and Development department provides quality products, specifically tailored to nutritional and physiological needs of infants and toddlers. Every LABORATOIRE FRANCE BéBé NUTRITION infant formula comply with pediatric recommendations (WHO, FAO, ESPGHAN) and the European Regulation (EC 2006-141).

Our commitment

LABORATOIRE FRANCE BéBé NUTRITION guide parents and is committed to providing the best food for their children. That is why our infant formulas are formulated closer to the composition of breast milk, the reference for infant feeding.
In addition, LABORATOIRE FRANCE BéBé NUTRITION has chosen to remove palm oil from its range Nébilia®, to preserve the environment and the health of your child.

Our key word : the Quality

LABORATOIRE FRANCE BéBé NUTRITION guarantees products of the highest quality thanks to :

  • the selection of raw materials,
  • strict controls during production,
  • microbiological and physical-chemical properties.

The products resulting from LABORATOIRE FRANCE BéBé NUTRITION researches are certified ISO 9001-2008, a pledge of quality and confidence for parents.